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Clinical Overview

Overview of Clinical Experience

  • Over 4500 cardiac operations, including more than 200 transplants, 70 VAD implants, 110 ECMO, more than 800 minimally invasive aortic & valve procedures, and more than 110 minimally invasive CABG

  • Over 1000 thoracic procedures, including VATS procedures, Lung Transplants, Extra pleural pneumonectomies, 40 Lung transplants (single & bilateral)

  • Introduced and streamlined adult ECMO both at University of Chicago & Rush University Medical Center

  • Restarted VAD implants at Rush & obtained DT certification within one year of commencement.

The operative procedures that Dr. Raman has helped develop at these centers include:

  • Cryo-ablation & Radio-Frequency Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation

  • Antegrade cerebral perfusion in complex aortic surgery

  • Beating heart surgery in high-risk cardiac surgical patients

  • Complex heart failure surgery, including heart & combined organ transplantation

  • Lung transplantation

  • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery with and without robotic aids


Dr. Raman also introduced minimally invasive valve surgery & evaluated “robotic” cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center, from 2004 to 2011.

This is in addition to the more standard procedures such as CABG, Valve repair & replacement, etc.


Former Co-director – University of Chicago Aortic Specialty Team (UCAST) – this was a multi-disciplinary team of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists and radiologists that work together to manage complex aortic diseases.

"My duties have also included training and supervision of residents and fellows, at University of Chicago and Rush University of Chicago.

I introduced the concept of Multi-Disciplinary Cardiac Surgery rounds in the Surgical ICU at Rush University Medical Center. This enabled and facilitated the resurgence of mechanical support, re-introduction of heart transplantation & the renewal of the VAD program at Rush.

I was also the Director of the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit, at the University of Chicago, which involves management of medical staff, nursing personnel and the protocols associated with the running of the unit.  These included two multi-institution quality improvement initiatives instituted by the University Healthcare Consortium, both of which have been implemented successfully –

-Medical Emergency Team or Rapid Response Team to reduce cardio-respiratory arrests on the wards and ICU – achieved a greater than 50% reduction in cardio-pulmonary arrests

-Tight Glycemic Control of post-operative patients – pilot project, which was quite successful & helped us adopt SCIP measures."

-Dr. Jai Raman

(Above) Dr. Raman assists in a surgical procedure

Pioneering Surgical Procedures & Techniques (first of a kind):

  1. Performed the first digital replant in the Northern Territory of Australia 1986.

  2. Performed the first successful dynamic cardiomyoplasty in the state of Victoria, Australia in 1995.

  3. Performed the first successful Ventricular Containment procedure in the world in Melbourne, Australia in April,1999.

  4. Performed the first successful Basal Ventricular Stabilization procedures in the world in 2000 at Melbourne, Australia.

  5. Performed Modified techniques of ventricular reconstruction, simplifying the Dor procedure -1998.

  6. Performed and reported on the first 10 cases of tricuspid vegetectomy in adult patients under vena caval inflow occlusion, in the world - 2000.

  7. Applied the use of High Volume Hemofiltration peri-operatively for Infective Endocarditis, for the first time in the world - 2001.

  8. Evaluated and used the first Cool Cobra Radio-Frequency Ablation Catheters for Surgical treatment of Atrial Fibrillation in animals and in human, in the world - 2002.

  9. Performed the first two robotically assisted diaphragmatic plications for phrenic nerve injury, University of Chicago, 2003.

  10. Among the first to use Aquapheresis with CHF Solutions, a new form of ultrafiltration for peri-operative fluid management of patients undergoing surgery for heart failure - 2005.

  11. Identified defibrillator induced tricuspid regurgitation and described a technique to repair such valves – in association with my partner Dr Jeevanandam -2006.

  12. Helped perform first human implant of BACE (Basal Annuloplasty of the Cardia Externally) in Chennai, India for the treatment of ischemic mitral regurgitation – Dec 4,2008.

  13. Developed Rib Fixation with titanium plates and performed this routinely as an adjunct in over 150 patients (first large experience with plate fixation of ribs)

  14. Developed the Arrowhead Modified Mini-sternotomy which allows and facilitates the expanded use of mini-sternotomy and allows plate fixation of the sternum afterwards.  Performed the 1st 25 of these procedures.

  15. Evolved the technique of trans-aortic balloon pump placement, facilitated through a graft to the subclavian artery as an ambulatory bridge to transplantation. Performed the 1st 15 of these procedures – 2007 onwards.

  16. Adapted use of the trans-aortic balloon pump through the subclavian artery, as a long-term assist device in complex patients as a bridge to recovery – 2010 onwards.

  17. Adapted the use of ECMO in cardiogenic shock in Bridging to conventional cardiac surgery in patients with correctable conditions.

  18. Demonstrated the safety of early surgical intervention (within 10 days of stroke) in patients with cardio-embolic stroke from infective endocarditis.

  19. Demonstrated the efficacy of low or no heparin utilization in patients supported by veno-arterial ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation) in over 60 patients.

  20. Described the use of Normothermic Cardiopulmonary Bypass approach for Simplified Resection of Renal Tumors growing along the Inferior Vena Cava Through a Single Incision– in 20 patients.

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