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Shining light into the heart!

Can we use light to tell us things that we previously could not? Welcome to Spectroscopy & the work done by our Spectromix lab. Every chemical has a spectral signature due to specific chemical bonds. Spectroscopy was first intuited and described by another Raman : CV Raman in 1921 discovered it on a ship's journey on the Mediterranean, and went on to describe it in 1928. For his work on The Raman Effect, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930!

Almost a hundred years later, with tunable lasers & the application of machine learning we are using Vibrational Spectroscopy to help evaluate biological tissues. Advances in spectroscopy have showed those stunning images from the James Webb telescope

So we have turned some of this technology inwards, built a network of biobanks- and are shining light into our stored samples of biological tissues

Imagine being able to use a handheld probe like this that one could place on the heart or lung (in my case since I am a Cardiothoracic surgeon), or any organ for that matter - this technology of Spectroscopy can reveal the underlying pathology, metabolic state & microscopic tissue structure!

We are actively working on this!

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